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My spiritual path is the loneliest road, it is the dark night, the crossing of the soul. Fortunately, for me it must be travelled alone because a fool cannot assist me on this particular journey. 

Extract Lucky Star

Love yes! I have loved and still do. I have loved you whilst you continued to kill, lie, enslave and stave your fellow man. Unfortunately, for you I can only operate in your mind until you stop feeding me with the suppression of truth.

Why do you believe in manmade incantations then foolishly you create religion and law on the basis of hearsay and gossip?
Tell me, were any of you, even one of you, there at the place of sacrifice, the place of new beginnings the bringing in of the birthing?

How is this love a sacred woman? Her love is the blue-black that illuminates in the midnight and look how she brightly glows. A light unto my light, bringing forth light to all, the light of true love sees all things hidden.

Lust, how beautiful is my lust, so pure and unforgettable, I forget you not. I am more than a man who can only lust for a moment, a fleeting love is not love at all but envy. A man will have many illusionary moments in such a brief passing of time.

Desire, oh my beautiful desire, why must I sacrifice you this day. Oh precious love, true and full. Am I not a love and is not my love eternal. Did we not see the first dawn, touched by the first rain and danced the purple haze?

Have I not known you before you were? How quickly you have forgotten!

Tell me something have you spoken with me, conversed with authority as the equals do? Have you ever seen me? Have you known me or laughed with me in anger at man's foolishness.

This is the love of my father that which is forgiving, the all consummating fires an endorsement of justice, truth and rights. Am I not the first, the first to have known this love, this love that loves to love and loves to hate. Perfection without questions paralleled in complete harmony. It is I Am whom commands in the presence of truth, a triumph in the heavens, a King and the Lord of all lords.

Earth bound men below, above is the love I speak of, fore bearing that forgiving love. Is it this love I have that which you covet me for. Now be without hate or malice towards the recipients the now benefactors of such good news.

I shall remain therefore before now and forever, I shall make merry with wisdom, knowledge and understanding for I am he. For it is true, for some, that the son's and daughter's of man may still rise and shine tomorrow but as for me today I will dance a new tempo, hum a new melody and sing a merry song for I am more than you say I am. 

(Rob Reid 2014)
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