Afraid to go home?

Thecopperglowshop is the one stop metaphysical solutions company. Our expertise and experience across the full range of body concision solutions means we can offer you solutions for all your spiritual needs.

Cleansing your home and the removal of negative energy is to be carried out by TheCopperGlowShop within 24-72 hours!

Just like spiritual baths are given to wash the seven energy points, or as one would use water to cleanse a quartz crystal, when the energy in your home or office feels uneasy and discomforting it requires cleansing. It may well need recharging to regain that happy vibration in your environment to create that blessed space or some say a ‘blessed home’.

The technique is known as Duppy Busting which requires 3-4 Jingin Duppy Busters™ the building will regain that happy vibe again within 10 to 30 min in some cases. You will most certainly feel/sense the change if you are sensitive enough.

Spiritual House Cleansing is recommended for added peace of mind whilst buying or selling a house.

Service costs include: travel expenses, Duppy Busters and the work carried out.

60 Minute Spiritual House Cleansing Session £275.00

30 Minute Spiritual House Cleansing Session £150.00

Once we receive payment you can expect the clearing, cleansing and removal to be carried out by Thecopperglowshop within 24-72 hours!

All sales are final, there are no refunds or exchanges!

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