Aura Protection

Aura Protection
No doubt! Have you ever felt when someone brings a "bad vibe" that feels uncomfortable or when you are in a large crowd? I will share with you a very good way to always protect against these type of negative energies.

The Aura
The aura is a magnetic field that surrounds our body and extends about 10 inches from the body (though with a little practice could be extended a few meters). When you are with other people, your aura will inevitably be mixed with the aura of others. Most of the time, we are unaware of this fact, but there are times that this interaction can be detrimental when we meet people who do not support us or especially if we come into contact with a vampire.

Vampires Aura
Vampires aura or energy are people who consciously or unconsciously come to "suck" our vital energy. Sometimes these people come to us often, demand from us an unconditional friendship, we are used as a repository for all complaints and problems, always expressing negative criticism.  We are showered with false praise and they cry and complain to cause pain, all in order to use us as a source of energy they cannot generate themselves. Usually, after being with someone who sucks energy, we tend to feel weak, depressed or uncomfortable. 

Aura Shield Benefits 
An Aura Shield will protect you when you are with someone that is ill or possibly an energy vampire, prevent discomfort or feeling weak whilst in a large crowd. Also helps when you are being attacked by someone in an argument or problem, including protection against witchcraft and bad energy.

How to create my Aura Shield?

For maximum effectiveness always take along a purified quartz crystal as an amulet, place it in the light of the moon or the Charter Mystic Fire. Like all energy work, it is required to visualize what you want to achieve. When you feel the need to protect, imagine your aura around the body as a shield or force field that covers you from head to toe, remember nothing can enter or leave. Aura protection appears!

This exercise does take practice but once mastered results can be achieved within a minute.

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