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Sirius Rising
Jingin Metaphysics
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Sirius Rising, dispelling all fears.

Black stones have been known to give the user protective energies.

An illuminating Matrix of Obsidian construct powered by Jingin Metaphysics.
See your great work and the wonders of your 13 ascensions. Use obsidian to help block negativity of any kind. A beautiful black gemstone, it symbolizes self control and resilience.  As in the bible in the book of Genisis it is written. OUT out of the black the darkness came the light, and therefore, can be used as a tool of creation being the greater force of the two, the true light in creation.
It encourages all that we are to manifest in balanced and serenely powerful ways. It heralds the entry of the influence of the higher forces and the balancing of those forces with the lower ones, which provide our "groundedness," so crucial to wholeness. Someone once said that to be spiritually high all the time made us no earthly good. I see so much of the so-called “New Age” philosophies, as well as many religious ones, promoting the idea that our spiritual task is to transcend the body and earthly pleasures and problems, and move into an idealistic realm populated by angels and eternal joviality. These philosophies are based upon ages-old misconceptions about spiritual experience.

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Sirius rising 5 product stars
"I have been using this product more regular and it never fails to give me the most deepest hug from within to out. My mind has a sence of calmness and wants to progress at a faster rate than ever before. I have been under an emence amount of pressure using trauma for way too long but using this makes me feel no fear at all and want to just go and achive what I c. I get these messages about how I will improve my quality of life and what I have to do in order to live the I really want and do the things I really want rather than somebody else's reality. I have a calling of my own and am going through a self discovery stage this helps me to stay on the right path. To be honest the Sirius rising has me feeling so fantastic about who I really am that I just can't stop smiling and feeling extacticly happy beyond anything I have ever felt. So powerful and never fails me. Try it and c 4 ones self." Em - 26/12/2014
The sirius rising 5 product stars
"The sirius rising is an amazing tool I ever try, after wondering around lost, trying to find myself again and going to lots of so called healer with out any benefits to myself, which was leaving me in limbo, I went to the cooper glow shop, after visiting a fews times, I was lucky enough to try the sirius rising, which started to work straight away, I felt like I had electric running around my legs with warm heat, which was travelling in and around my body, I could feel the nativity being taking away, and being replaced, with positive pour vibration, for the first time in my life I actually felt I was being rebalanced, I went away feeling balance, on cloud 9 knowing and loving me again, I even wake up 3 in the morning fall off positive energy, knowing what I wanted and where I was going, I even found I was clearing out things in my mind eye, I know no bad energy sources can unbalance again, I feel in total control, thank you jingin for showing me this a mazing tool, and re balancing me, words could never express the way I feel for your help and guidance, I would recommend this to anyone i'm so expressed carole" carole - 23/09/2014
Sirius rising 5 product stars
"I have noticed that my sleep is a deeper and I feel a lot fresher when I get up. There is a a feeling of warmth around me like something shielding me and placing things in my path to learn from rather than accepting thing for what they are and to be head strong about the choices I make and I can see my mistakes and correct them a lot faster. I feel a calm energy working within me so if I get angry or argue with somebody I want to ask myself about my behaviour or the way I react and do a positive action to cancel the past energy. My feet feel more stable and my mind is a bit clearer. I'm ready for change and am only focused on the goals that I want to achieve rather than the ones I have no regard for." Em - 13/06/2014

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