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JINSILVER Seal of protection audio link

Everybody is offering you something. Something fantastic, great, wonderful and not forgetting life changing.
I will instead, tell you about what I am not going to be offering you.

This JinSilver will change your perception of your life.
This product will not give you wings.

This JinSilver will make you feel free, unfettered in the mind and in the body.
This product will not give you Superman or Superwoman powers.

You will wake up to the weight of the true creators joy, not the weight of the world.
This product will not cause your hair to grow.

Please note JinSilver could make you extremely happy.

JinSilver talisman hand crafted sacred geometry the language of the extraterrestrial and hyperdimensional beings.

These higher vibrational forces commonly known as angels, watchers or guardians craft the language of image. Egypt should come to mind at this point.

Made in the purest JinSilver for that higher vibrational state of well being.

In order to obtain one of these magnificent JinSilver opened seal for your protection and cosmic release. You will need a personal consultation with Jingin. Feel free to call :07968760564.

You can use your skype or your mobile to contact us Jingin Metaphysics £35.00.
A personal visit to your home £50.00
£200.00 inc. tax

Customer Reviews

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seal 5 product stars
"the first time i wore this seal i was walking down the road and the air seemed strange and then when i got to a park i walking and there was no trees or anything or anybody els around and the big drop of water dropped over my head not even a bird flew over my head and ever since then my life has gone through magical changes. when people tend to be negative towards me they seem to get thrown off my path and things then turn back around to my way. i even got attacked when i was wearing it and i almost lost my life but hey i'm still alive and more positive than ever. the seal is just there to help things to be clearer." em - 09/04/2016
Seal pendant 5 product stars
"WOW this pendant is something else, since wearing the pendant, so many things been revealed around me. People trying to cause me trouble seem to turn around in shame with no success. I feel much more confident, old issues are now just vanish. Situations seem to just unfold in my favour. Example:I have bump into an old enemy and she just couldn't do anything bad to me, so she just landed in my arm with hugs and how much she missed me. OOD? i'm so glad i have bought it." Sandy Paris - 06/01/2015
JinSilver 5 product stars
"Well done. A true student of the unseen Light. Adversity is the only true teacher of wisdom. Therefore be quickened to learn this lesson well JinGin." Merlin - 19/08/2014
Seal protection 5 product stars
"It works, since wearing my seal, I've been shown who trying to mess with me and can feel my confidence returning to my natural level." Jo - 03/07/2014
Powerful! 5 product stars
"All I can say, this piece of jewellery really does turn things around! Your life will no longer be the same...trust me!" Angel Heart - 26/06/2014

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