Duppy Buster Small

Duppy Buster Small

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duppy busters

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TheCopperGlowShop-Duppy Busters™


These amazing tried and tested tools created by JinGin exclusively for thecopperglowshop.co.uk supporters...These tools cannot be bought and sold for profit...

It will remove unwanted negative visitors and/or suppress negative energy. Through no fault of our own at one time or another we all pick up negativity by virtue of interacting with every day unsuspecting people. Why not visit one of our drop of centre for a demonstration, hold one and feel the negativity dissolve in you.

JinGin Duppy Busters will re-harmonize your home and working environments. Reclaim your home, office, environment today minimum 20-30 feet coverage.







£45.00 inc. tax

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Duppy Buster Small 5 product stars
"In addition to my previous review, I've started to get a few visitors recently who started being negative in my home. So knew my Duppy buster energy was being drawn out overnight. As I could only feel a small resonance in the morning, which lead me to do daily cleansing, which I knew wasn't right. After sleeping on this problem and speaking with Jingin, I needed to create a stronger boundary. Where two Duppy busters would have a point of overlapping, along with re-positioning my original one to the centre of my property, within my passage by counting 20 pigeon steps from my front door and then from the adjoining wall. Before purchasing my second one, I checked each room and the entire passage to feel its resonance, and notice the weakest area was a couple of feet towards the adjoining wall to my neighbour. Now with my Duppy busters a few feet apart a stronger protection field has been created, and upon waking their both still charged." Jo - 07/09/2014
Duppy Buster Small 5 product stars
"Was unsure about using a Duppy Buster, to clear negative energy in my home. But this does work, as I've notice a difference with visitors as no-one whose visited me since I've placed the Duppy Buster in my front room, has off loaded their negative thoughts or shown any negativity towards me. Also my place has a nice atmosphere and a calming air." Jo - 03/07/2014
duppy buster 5 product stars
"you have to have one of the duppy buster to feel the way I am feelin In my bed room which I could not sleep in or dream but know I see the light no more darkness I am so happy to be in my bed room again for rob as help me a lot words or money can not thank him for the way I am feeling as he said you need to help your self to make life work good luck to every one who want to try the spirit healing" marcia sail - 17/03/2014
The Duppy Buster lifesaver 5 product stars
"Does what it says it will, everybody should have one in their house! Great under the bed!" Empress - 15/03/2014
My Home 5 product stars
"Since I bought my first Duppy buster my house feels so calm the atmosphere has changed and I have peace at last.." very pleased - 02/03/2014

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