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You will have proved this to youself. In as little as two weeks! Visit the TheCopperGlowShop for the free how to use these amazing tools

We reserve the right not to treat you or serve you in the shop

Warning: Thecopperglow - Healing Rods™ Have been known to manifest the users hearts desire so be careful what you ask yourself for. That's all the things you wanted to be or do with your lives but the personal pressure's you are made to struggle with have made you just forget.
Yes at first I tried not to believe it but it is true.
After about 3 to 7 sessions 35 min use of these high frequency and high energy manipulation tools, the most diligent clients swear that a particular problem Health/Financial seems to be resolving it self.

Maat also spelled māt or mayet, was the Ancient Egyptian concept of truth, balance, order, law, morality, and justice. Maat was also personified as the goddess of the physical and moral law of Egypt, of order and truth. She is said to be the goddess of truth, justice and harmony. She was the wife of Thoth, the god of wisdom, since you need wisdom to find truth and justice. Ma'at is depicted in the form of a woman seated or standing. Egypt: Ma'at, Goddess of Truth, Balance

Ma'at, unlike Hathor and Nephthys, seemed to be more of a concept than an actual. It was thought that if Ma'at didn't exist, the universe would become chaos. Ancient Egyptian Gods: Maat goddess of truth and balance.

In The Spirit of Ma'at It is our intent at the to bring you products that we use ourselves, that are unique, and — above all — that will carry
forward our purpose to help you in the understanding of African civilization in its entirety and the foundation of its longevity.

Ma'at an Egyptian goddess who personified the concepts of truth, cosmic order and justice. This concept was fundamental to Egyptian life and the appearance of a Woman with a feather on her head. Ma'at was the goddess of truth, justice and harmony. She was associated with the balance of Maat also spelled māt or mayet...

“Your Mind Is Twice As Powerful As You presently Think! And this the Copperglow-healing Rods‘ KEMET  an Age Old Training tool for Manifestating real life changes”
Created for you this day...


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Customer Reviews

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Contentment 5 product stars
"Since I purchased my Chakra stones! There is definitely a calmness in the ambiance of my room! Will definitely be a regular customer at rob's shop! Thanks Rob- See you soon!" Dihonn - 04/03/2015
fulfilment 5 product stars
"I have found that since I have visited Robs Shop and wore the pendant, I feel very light in my being a feeling of positive energy and fulfilment, to know what I mean by this you will need to visit Robs shop and experience this for your self, believe me you will see an enchanting change." ellen - 04/03/2015
AmazingEnergy 5 product stars
"Amazing energy 3 I so enjoyed our meeting earlier. Very knowledgable and empowering. ;) I AM Glowing :D 3 xoxox Stay true, always you. Follow your HeArt 3 Butt take your brain with you ;) Best store front I have seen in All of London! 3 3 3 Maha Love 3 3 Q 3" Stephy "Queen of HeArts 3" Cheffy - 12/02/2015
I LOVE MY RODS!!!!! 5 product stars
"Ever since Rob made my rods for me, there's been quite a few changes in my life. The zest that I had when I was in my early 20's is beginning to return to me and these days I feel more like my TRUE self. I'm slowly feeling more grounded, centered and whole. Now to work on manifesting. WATCH OUT WORLD!!!!!! Thanks Rob! :-)" Robert - 22/07/2014
Many benefits as everything in my life slowly started to improve. 5 product stars
"My name is Josephine and I have been using the Healing rods and wearing the energy pendant since October last year. I have noticed so many benefits as everything in my life slowly started to improve. The challenges of life don't give me anxiety as they used to in the past. Worry and misery is gone and for once I am at peace. I am experiencing more clarity in my mind and spirit and for once I feel that there is meaning to life. I am now starting to believe in my own power and I am so grateful for finding this process of becoming my true self! I am now gliding through life....marvelling at the wonders and miracles as the healing and restoration process continues." Josephine - 03/04/2014
Healing rods! 5 product stars
"I have had my rods a little under a year now, I use them every day between 5 and 50 mins. At the time I brought the rods I was going through a lot of s t And looking back now it is absolutely amazing how things have actually Changed for me and EVERY thing in my life,EVERY thing I asked for Has manifested! And the most amazing thing is that I watched it All happening. I couldn't be with out my rods!! Totally life changing powerful tools!!!" Tammy - 24/03/2014
Rods of kemet 5 product stars
"I bought my Rods about two years ago, using the rods at least twice a week has changed my life. I'm more of a confident person, my thoughts are clearer and I am able to make more concrete decisions. I have noticed that peoples true nature has become increasingly apparent to and around me, it's as though they cannot hide who they are (Good, or bad). Whilst using the Rods I ask the gods for my hearts desires, I thank the gods for granting me my hearts desires. There are many positive aspects that have come along with using my Rods. Buying my Rods was and is the best decision I have made in a long time. Thank you The Copper Glow shop for providing me with these great tools" Empress D - 20/03/2014
HEALING RODS 5 product stars
"I found these rods absolutely phenomenal in how they helped to calm my thoughts and allow me to still my mind and have great meditations. In doing so, they allowed me to watch as I saw some of my thoughts manifesting and also my health become better in profound ways. I have also used this product during a hospital stay and saw myself heal and leave hospital within days whilst commanding considerably less medication than previous visits. These rods work you keeps you balanced whilst strengthening your energy." Sis B - 15/03/2014

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