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When you're depressed you may feel that your emotions and thoughts have become a little unbalanced and life for some of you can feel very unfair and very distressing. The Jingin Metaphysics products created for thecopperglowshop.co.uk have a proven track record of helping people with depression. These products could be considered life changing metaphysical tools that can be utilized over and over again.

In most cases, depression could be diagnosed as being blocked or suppressed life force energy that can be linked to many of today's mobile towers, electrical appliances as well as energy vampires

  align your Mental, Physical, Emotional, Ethereal, Soul and Astral energy center’s creating a sense of well-being Depression takes time to get hold of you, it is much more than simply feeling unhappy or out of sync with one self. At times we all go through spells of feeling down but when it becomes an everyday feeling you know something is very wrong.


Mind – Depression and what you can do!

Once you wear the energy pendant, you will gradually experience the release from negative energy itself and therefore the symptoms of depression disappear as a consequence. 

If we were to consider the worst case scenario, just after 10-20minutes of  wearing any of our products, should let us know if any of the Jingin metaphysical items can help you to align your Mental, Physical, Emotional, Ethereal, Soul and Astral energy giving you back a sense of well-being.

Furthermore, EMF will induce you into a depressed state due to over exposure and has been linked to many ailments which prevent an active normal life style. I have found that a lack of green tones in ones aura usually means a non active social life. All things are possible and so we encourage you to use these handmade esoteric products from thcopperglowshop.co.uk which have been known to help users in many ways back onto a road of recovery.


We invite you to try the Energy Pendants, Realignment Unit, Electro Magnetic Frequency Blockers, Duppy Busters, the amazing Copper Glow-Healing Rods and our fully charged Crystals.

Experience an engaging metaphysical Aladdin’s cave worth its weight in gold. Be sure to ask for thecopperglowshop or book an appointment for a private consultation with Jingin.

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